In the middle of an investigation they dispense punishment? CLICK HERE. Seems a bit at odds with the whole idea of innocent until proven guilty, particularly when no defense is even presented. MORE HERE. But the obsessive interest of the Tennessean in this particular case, and their hysterical and overwrought coverage, is the best indication that there is a lot more afoot here than simple concern that some women in Legislative Plaza have been subjected to boorish and unacceptable behavior. Others who have done more haven’t received this media attention. And others who are STILL engaged in inappropriate behavior who either have a D or RINO attached to their name rather than Conservative are not targeted at all. The REAL story is ignored by the Tennessean, because the REAL story is about a liberal agenda rather than concern for Human Resources rules and their application. The cover of the Tennessean tells it all with the kind of cover attention that they may have last provided when the Allies won World War 2. More importantly, will the paper ultimately endorse Hillary Clinton who enabled and covered up much worse behavior by her husband Bill?