Republican legislators are creating a special protection for liquor stores to eliminate multi-store competition, while allowing grocery stores across the state to own multiple locations to sell wine. CLICK HERE.  A blatant example of crony capitalism as legislators let lobbyists buy special deals for their clients with campaign contributions. The Beacon Center nails it. CLICK HERE.

Democrats did it for decades. Republicans promised to be different. Protectors of the free market, blah blah blah. Actions speak louder than words. As the Trump surge continues, there are many wondering how the GOP base can support a guy who doesn’t consistently support the ideology of the party. Uhm, when the leaders of the party in Tennessee so completely abandon principles for political donations how are voters expected to tell the difference become the so-called “con men” and the “con men” already in office?????? Obviously, doing the “right” thing is just something Republicans preach at election time…then abandon when in office. And again, they wonder why Trump is surging????

Rocky Top Politics delves into the sordid details behind the scene. CLICK HERE.