Based on findings from a new GAO report, only 65 applicants were denied the one-year Affordable Care Act waiver while the number of those granted continues to grows to 1,372.

The waivers are for so-called mini-med plans that offer annual coverage limits. They were outlawed by ObamaCare and are scheduled to be regulated out of existence in 2014.

However, such plans are often the only form of health insurance available to workers and without the waivers most would no longer be available.


Because these new regulations would end up denying health insurance to millions of Americans, HHS began issuing waivers so that people could keep their health coverage despite the new mandates.

Quote Via: CNS News.

As the number of waivers for the Affordable Care Act increases, so does the number of federal employees needed to process and approve all the paperwork. The waiver isn’t only saving jobs or health care for those applying, it is creating government jobs.

HHS in fact established a new government office to process and evaluate the tide of waiver applications submitted by companies and unions trying to keep their health plans from being eliminated by ObamaCare.

“To implement various provisions of PPACA, including those related to annual limits, HHS created what is now called the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (CCIIO).”

Quote Via: CNS News.