That’s what the Nashville Scene thinks. But as you might expect, the conservative view is a bit different.

TWO takeaways from the Judicial Retention elections, and the fact that none of the three Justices was replaced:
1. When you go after three people instead of targeting one, you spread your fire and it does look more partisan than firing ONE person for not following the will of Tennessee. I believed, and believe, that going after ONE would have made success more likely.
2. If the Amendment 2 effor…t wins in November, then the process of retention elections will be put into permanent law and people will lose the right to elect the justices as the Constitution currently requires, despite the legal system ignoring the clear language of the law because it doesn’t suit their personal preference. The Governor, who for the foreseeable future appears likely to be a Republican, will appoint the Justices and they will tend to be moderate to conservative rather than liberals that the Dems have put in place for decades. If conservatives could not replace liberal justices in a deep red state, what prospect will Dems/liberals have in seeking to replace Conservative Republican justices in the future? Granted, that depends on a Republican Governor actually appointing CONSERVATIVE justices; but assuming that happens, they will be firmly entrenched.
I still believe that Amendment 2 deserves a resounding NO vote, and that the ELECTION of our judges at every level keeps them in tune with OUR values rather than hidden agendas. But from a purely pragmatic political perspective, there shouldn’t be a single Democrat vote for Amendment 2, if they are actually thinking about ideology/policy/politics from their side of the aisle.
As usual, the Nashville Scene, misses the boat and ignores reality. The Justices survived because they spent MORE than those who sought to unseat them, and muddied the waters by claiming, and fooling voters, into thinking that they were outside the realm of politics. That’s ridiculous, they are all POLITICAL appointees who appointed a liberal Dem as Attorney General, had liberal Dems running their well oiled and well funded campaign operation, flouted the law and rules with impunity thanks to their liberal allies in the media, and have all made POLITICAL DONATIONS to liberal Dems. Tennesseans didn’t vote to support ANY of that…they voted thinking they were REJECTING politics on the bench, not entrenching it! Nothing in the retention results is an indication that Dems have a beachhead in Tennessee. Nothing.
One final point. The liberal Democrat Justices will soon appoint, or reappoint, our Attorney General. (Who should be elected by the people rather than having us rely on a “court appointed attorney” to represent us. The Legislature should address this ASAP!) Will they prove Ron Ramsey right in his criticism by appointing a leftist Democrat to the spot, or will they show that they really aren’t liberals (as they claimed) and appoint a moderate to conservative Republican, thereby reflecting the political leanings of the state rather than their own personal preferences, to the spot??? My bet is that they show Ramsey was right, at which point he is fully entitled to do a “told you so” tour of the state! MORE ON THIS PERSPECTIVE HERE.