The media is mocking some Tennessee legislators for asking about a new “washing area” in a men’s restroom just outside the legislative chambers. CLICK HERE. The Times Free Press in Chattanooga finally published a photo of the new plumbing fixture that sparked a question, so let’s compare.

Here is what has been installed at the Capitol and what is being called a “mop sink.”
In a March 13, 2013 photo, a new utility sink is installed in the men's restroom outside the House chamber in the state Capitol in Nashville, Tenn. Legislative staffers and building administrators have sought to reassure some concerned lawmakers that the new sink was not installed as a special facility to support Muslim prayer rituals, but rather to make it easier for custodial staff to fill buckets and clean mops.

Here is what they sell at Sam’s Club and other companies as a “mop sink.” Google it yourself and see the photos that come up.

Universities in the U.S. are responding to demands for Muslim footwashing stations on campus and here is what they have installed. CLICK HERE.

So, were the Tennessee legislators really Islamaphobes for asking what that thing in the men’s room really was?