Of course education in America has fallen. Funding is not the sole problem in this country. We’ve throw money at every educational problem we’ve had before No Child Left Behind was signed. The law set benchmarks for our students which in turn will help improve teaching standards by holding them accountable for failure.

The President is just as guilty as a bad teacher. He continues to blame our floundering education system on lack of funding which everyone knows just goes into teachers union pockets. Has throwing money at a problem ever fixed it?

(FOX NEWS RADIO) – President Obama bad-mouthed the United States during a visit to an Australian high school, telling teenagers that the United States has “fallen behind” in education, according to a White House pool report.

He told young people at Campbell High School the United States has “fallen behind” when it comes to math and science education – explaining why he made it a priority in his administration.

He also said poor American children don’t get “the support they need when they’re very young” and are “already behind” when they enter grammar school.

Quote via: Fox News Radio.